Audax Unitranche

Audax Private Debt is a leading direct lender in the middle market. We have provided over $16 billion of senior, unitranche, and junior debt solutions to more than 180 middle market private equity firms over the last 19 years, establishing a reputation as an experienced, reliable, and flexible lender.

In 2018, we expanded our financing capabilities to include a single-tranche solution, Audax Unitranche. We provide stretch senior and unitranche loans, in addition to investments in equity securities.  We source opportunities directly from private equity sponsors throughout North America, supporting leveraged buyouts, acquisition financings, and debt recapitalizations. We take a partnership approach to new financings and portfolio decisions and have an established track record of helping private equity firms acquire and grow businesses.

In our unitranche and stretch senior financings, we aim to be the sole or lead investor but will participate with other investors in certain circumstances. We invest across a broad range of industries and seek companies with revenue and cash flow stability, defensible market positions, experienced management teams, and strong equity sponsorship.

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