Mar 2024

Audax Private Debt Ranks #1 Most Active Lender in U.S. PE for 2023

Audax Private Debt achieved the highest position in PitchBook’s 2023 Annual U.S. PE Lending League Tables, securing the #1 spot as the most active lender in U.S. PE. Additionally, the firm is proud to have attained the #1 rank in both the “Overall” and “Select Roles” lists of PitchBook's 2023 U.S. PE Middle Market Lending League Tables. Overall, Audax has been recognized within the top 3 in 22 of the 27 league tables.

Audax Private Debt’s notable rankings include:

#1 Most Active Lender in U.S. PE

#1 Most Active U.S. PE Middle Market Lender

#1 Most Active U.S. PE Middle Market Lender – Select Roles (Agent or Lead Title)

Debt Type:
#1 Most Active Lender in General Debt
#2 Most Active Lender in Senior Debt
#2 Most Active Lender in Revolvers

#1 Most Active Lender in Business-to-Business
#1 Most Active Lender in Healthcare
#1 Most Active Lender in Material Resources
#2 Most Active Lender in Financial Services

These recognitions follow other recent honors awarded to Audax Private Debt so far in 2024. Earlier this month, Audax was named 2023 Lender of the Year by Private Equity International as part of their annual awards. Additionally, the firm was selected as Private Credit Lender of the Year, Americas by Global M&A Network.

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PitchBook’s 2023 Global League Tables rankings are compiled using the count of completed deals for the specified criteria. Only publicly disclosed transactions and/or transactions confirmed by PitchBook’s primary research team are included. The Select Roles list comprises only bookrunners, lead arrangers, mandated lead arrangers, and all types of agents that are specifically listed within PitchBook.
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